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We live in a colourful world! DYLON celebrates this fact more than most, having brought colour to the wardrobes, homes and lives of people the world over for more than 60 years.

The 40s & the 50s

In 1946 DYLON – 'Dyes of London' – was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Luca Purbeck and Peter Samuel who began selling colourful dyes from a garage in central London.
From those humble beginnings DYLON went on to thrive in 'make-do & mend' post war Britain making fabric dyes to brighten up the homes, wardrobes and spirits of families across the country.
The company continued to grow throughout the rock and roll years of the 1950s and over the next few decades DYLON went global, selling coloured dyes to over 70 countries around the world.

The 60s

The swinging sixties were a high point for DYLON, which was arguably the most colourful part of the last century. The window displays of DYLON's chic Edgware Road boutique were ever-changing with ideas to inspire the stylish set; whilst teenagers were making their own outfits, shortening hemlines, tie-dyeing t-shirts and wearing exciting new colours.
DYLON found themselves firmly on the fashion and pop culture mentalhealthdrugs.com radar. Even collaborating with fashion designer Mary Quant with a range of brightlycoloured Mary Quant tights' dyes. They also launched the Miss DYLON Shoe Colour range with the Go-Jo Girls from TV's Top of the Pops.
During this kaleidoscopic decade DYLON invented cold-water dyes and machine dyes, as well as their first specialist whitening product.

The 70s until present day

They then went on to innovate throughout the 70s and 80s, launching a broad range of fabric care products from ironing aids to stain removers to keep colours looking their best. In 1979 even Grace Kelly expressed real interest in the DYLON range at an international exhibition in Monte Carlo.

During the 1990s DYLON was a firm favourite on TV show Changing Rooms, used by the likes of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. At this time DYLON continued to innovate with the launch of super convenient DYLON Wash & Dye.

That brings us to the 2000s when DYLON expanded further into colour care with their first Colour Care Detergent to help vibrant colours stay that way.

In 2006 DYLON celebrated the company's half centenary and most recently DYLON is again bang on trend as people choose to be less wasteful with their possessions. Recycling is big news and people are choosing to change things rather than chuck them. As the Evening Standard newspaper recently commented “make-do-and-mend” is back in vogue and with DYLON you can make a change for the better.


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